Back to Training! (It’s About Time)

So as I’ve stated a couple months ago, I suck at opening up each blog, so here’s a song that you can play while you read this. It’s called “It’s About Time” off of Young the Giant’s new album, Mind Over Matter.

Two months… Two months… That sounds like a long time, but wow does it go by fast. And included in there was 7 weeks off work, a glorious 7 weeks off work. Now, what does one do with 7 weeks off work? You’re probably thinking, “that is so much time to do activities and solve all the worlds problems!” No no no no, not for this guy. 7 weeks off work equates to adventures out to Bragg Creek, Cochrane, Elbow Falls, studying footwear for only reasons I know, pool running, eating Stoked Oats (that stuff is good!), becoming a Pokemon Master (not once, but twice), and sleeping. Here’s my biggest accomplishment over that 7 week time period. In November, I got traded to the Golden State Warriors. I kept it a bit of a secret and somehow managed to be a starter in the NBA, while living a regular life at home. Yes I had a stress fracture, but that won’t keep me from putting Tim Duncan in my posters! It was a long, hard fought season, and we ended up meeting the Miami Heat in the finals. As good as they are, they were no match for T (me) and Stephen Curry. We lit them up all night long and prevailed to win an NBA Championship in 6. GET AT ME LEBRON JAMES!

Back to seriousness though. As an athlete, no matter what level you’re at, being injured sucks! It takes a toll on you mentally, and it’s really easy to lose it physically as well. Brownies and ice cream are deliciously tempting. One second you have a tray of brownies, then all of a sudden, they disappear… craziness.

As I mentioned above, I started to pool run. I actually found pool running to be fun, but I’m also crazy, so take that into account. About twice a week, Deere, Keenan and I would go in there for some cross training. Keenan and I even managed to get Benard into the pool (that was a wild one). I found that pool running helped to strengthen my hips, quads, and hamstrings. After doing a bit of research, it’s said that having weak hips and gluteal muscles can lead to several injuries from the hip down. So Shakira was right; hips don’t lie. The pool is also a good place to improve your running form because you can open your stride completely and focus on the small things. Another good form of cross training is working out on the bike. It is low impact, doesn’t put as much stress on your joints, and you can improve your cardio through it as well. Those are a couple activities to think about if you are fatigued, sore, or just want to change it up.

Tomorrow is my first day back to running. As much as I want to run a bunch of races this year, that simply won’t happen. This year will be dedicated to training and becoming a very elite athlete. In September, I’m going out to Toronto for the Oasis Zoo Run 10k. In that race, I’m going under 31 minutes, and placing in the top 5. I don’t care who’s in that race, or what the conditions are, those are my goals, and I complete my goals. So what’s in store for the next 6 months? A lot of Strava segment crushing, swimming, gym work, biking riding, running, and grabbin’ some boobies. When I say grabbin’ boobies, I mean my own. HAPPY RUNNING!