Fresh Air of the Rockies

“Leaving Calgary was easily the most difficult decision I’ve made to date. To leave everything you’ve known and grown up with is nerve-racking and stressful. As much as you need to downplay your emotions to convince yourself that the decision you made is the right one, there’s a lot of days when I struggle getting […]

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In My Own Words

The Marathon lives up to all the hype and so much more. The Toronto Waterfront Marathon was not the result of a simple 14-week training program but more of a 5-year build. Ever since I began running, even at the cross-country level in Junior High, I knew distance was going to be my strong suit. […]

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Hot Hot Heat

It’s been three months since I packed my car and moved across the country to Guelph. At first, it felt very strange living out here. The sense of community that developed over the past years was now gone, friends and family were too distant to visit, and not having a job to care about left […]

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